Tale of a Fallen Hero


Today’s post is not going to be as long as the usual posts

With receding waters, Chennai city and suburbs on Saturday battled hard to pick up pieces of life but occasional heavy rains threatened to revive the ghost of flooding as lakhs of people in the worst-hit areas faced acute short supply of essentials including water, power, milk and food items.

Arterial Mount Road and several other important roads were opened for traffic on Friday after three days of disruption bringing a slight sense of normalcy as water levels in Adyar and Cooum rivers and other channels came down following reduced discharge of water from Chembarambakkam, Puzhal and Poondi, and Red Hills rivers dotting the city’s outskirts.

Among all this chaos, multiple stories of humanity have emerged.

Stories like a little girl in Pune who donated all her toys to Chennai children, Auto drivers in Mumbai asking their passengers to donate for Chennai. Little girl in Trivandrum donating all her savings. Stories like people of all religions just divided in two groups – victims and volunteers coming together and helping the city of Chennai.

One such story which did not have such a happy ending is of a Volunteer Bharath (1994 -December 4th, 2015) from Saidapet Chennai.

I was appalled when I could not find a single media house publishing any thing at all about this brave young man a volunteer till 4th Of December 2015, and should have been declared a martyr, who lost his life saving the flood victims.

With help pouring in from all over the world – and not only from India, yes Chennai will be forced to bounce back. but what about this young boy who was washed away while helping others and it was not the flow of water but pathetic condition of Chennai infrastructure was responsible for this grave loss. India lost a brave young man who like many others acted to the social cause who like many others was so alive. who like many others, was dear to his family. the city lost a brave citizen and the family lost a dear son. In an ideal state of affairs, he should have got a hero’s farewell. But we are not living in an Ideal world. With a hope that the world is changing fast, we at the incredible stories team bid farewell to our friend Mr. Bharath

Rest in peace


47 thoughts on “Tale of a Fallen Hero

  1. Hats off to you. You have proved the youth are the future of the nation and strength of us all. May your soul rest in peace and may your parents feel pride in saying this is our brave son. Coz I’m proud in saying you are my brother though we are not related in blood.


  2. Who is poor?
    A wealthy woman goes to a saree store and tells the
    boy at the counter “Bhaiya show some cheap sarees. It
    is my son’s marriage and I have to give to my maid.”
    After sometime, the maid comes to the saree shop and
    tells the boy at the counter “Bhaiya show some
    expensive sarees. I want to gift my Mistress on her
    son’s marriage”
    Poverty is in the mind or in the purse?
    Who is Rich?
    Once, a lady with her family was staying in a 3-star
    hotel for a picnic. She was the mother of a 6 month old
    “Can I get 1 cup of milk?” asked the lady to the 3-star
    hotel manager.
    “Yes madam”, he replied.
    “But it will cost 100 bucks”. “No problem”, said the
    While driving back from hotel, the child was hungry
    They stopped at a road side tea stall and took milk from
    the tea vendor
    “How much?” she asked the tea vendor.
    “Madam, we don’t charge money for kid’s milk”, the old
    man said with a smile.
    “Let me know if you need more for the journey”. The
    lady took one more cup and left.
    She wondered, “Who’s richer? The hotel manager or the
    old tea vendor?
    Sometimes, in the race for more money, we forget that
    we are all humans. Let’s help someone in need, without
    expecting something in return. It will make us feel
    better than what money can.
    Coffee never knew that it would taste so nice and
    sweet, before it met milk and sugar.
    We are good as individuals but become better when we
    meet and blend with the right people….
    Stay connected.
    “The world is full of nice people… If you can’t find one…
    Be one.😀


    1. I can’ t really disagree with you Amar. But what I witnessed in the aftermath of floods made to me rethink. I saw milk suppliers (poor) selling Milk for exorbitant price whereas the super rich to rich people were giving away help in plenty. Though I knew what those milk suppliers were doing was morally wrong, but my inner sense said after all this is the time they can see some money and by doing this they were not going to be rich in one day. I decided to purchase milk from them. I don’t really know what to make of this.

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      1. sunderrajan sir, everyone is (for want of a better word) screwed up. no one knows the extent. those who were selling milk at higher cost were probably more affected by floods than those who were distributing. we cannot measure it accurately.


  3. I am truly proud of you, and at the same time I also hope that your parents get over this sad incident, which is very difficult to digest. I don’t know you, but still feel the pain of loss. I really wish there was a rewind button for life as well… This msg is for your parents – Dear, amma n appa, I can feel your pain, inspite of the pride. Pls be proud and remember you now have many many many more sons and daughters , which will never compensate for the hero you gave birth to! Salutes to u…

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  4. It’s so heartening to see this news.. Such a wonderful young person, while supporting the flood affected, being washed away in flood is most saddest and brings unbearable grief.. Hats off to this young martyr.. May God bless the family with enough strength to bear with this bereavement.. May his soul rest in peace.. 😥

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  5. Please do the requires homework in and around saidapet and publish the phone number of anyone known to him…his parents, friends. Some good Samaritan can reach out to their family at least. I myself know a few who have been asking for his contact details. As media you can do this !


    1. dear Sowmya,
      this page is maintained by a bunch of Commoner’s. we have no affiliation with any of the media houses -big or small. this WordPress site is an extension of a Facebook page by the same name. however we are trying to find out more about this braveheart and we will write more if we find anything. as far as contact details of his parents go, we will never share the details with any one even if we have them with us. under given circumstances, its better to keep media and NGOs off this story. my objective is to introduce this boy to the world through this article. WordPress has done that bit and I am thankful to the internet and WordPress for helping me out


    1. dear Krishnan,
      please introduce bharath to new friends online. request you not to ask for the contact details of his family. Bharath has given his life saving others. NGOs, media houses know how to rub salt on wounds in the name of helping others


  6. Brave souls like Bharat should not be forgotten. It is their selfless efforts that will inspire generations. We all should ensure that his family gets the utmost support from us and also from government. WE SALUTE YOU bhai !!!!


  7. REst in heaven Bharath….u truly deserve the salute of every chennaite…Pray god to give the strength and support to the parents od the departed soul….


  8. As a mother of two boys of the same age I have tears in my eyes as I read the article. Chennai will bounce back but his parents never will. I hope the people of Chennai will keep his memory alive.


  9. Bharath you are a Hero, this world is poorer without you but God knows best. May your soul Rest In Peace. And to the parents of this brave heart you lost a son but Bharath has won for you many sons & daughters. God Bless you


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